Julie Grahame

Hip Hop Photography

I am proud to be the wrangler for three pioneers of hip hop photography, namely Janette Beckman, Joe Conzo, and Martha Cooper. They have launched a collective with a mission to standardize terms of use of their photographs. Check it out! [read more]

Pier21 Artist-in-Residence

An incredible opportunity for a Canadian photographer to be awarded a residency with the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier21. With four superb co-jurists, we looked at dozens of proposals and after much discussion, we awarded the residency to Tamara Abdul Hadi, who will make portraits of first generation Canadians and the families, inspired by a series by Yousuf Karsh for Macleans Magazine… [read more]

Curated Fridge

The Curated Fridge is a fun, free quarterly call for entries that are exhibited on the fridge of curator Yorgos Efthymiadis. I curated the Winter 2022 show, and hope that Yorgos cycles back around to asking me to jury again soon. [read more]

New York Said Podcast

Had a bit too much fun with Amon Focus, creator of the podcast "New York Said" (Pay Attention, The Streets are Talking!). Hear us giggling and chatting about the photography business. I might have done myself out of a consultation or two in the process! Listen here. [read more]

The Power of Photography to Fund 6,680 Meals

Our friends at the beloved New York food charity God's Love We Deliver, a secular non-profit that cooks and delivers nutritionally balanced meals for sick New Yorkers, interviewed me and Janette Beckman after our third online fundraiser for them, having raised $66,680 selling mainly artworks and photographs since the start of the pandemic online via aCurator. Read the article. [read more]

Leica Women Summit

My partner-in-photo-crime Janette and I were invited to give a talk for the Leica Women Summit this past weekend. We showed images from her archive and current work, highlighting how one thing leads to another and how to leverage your photography and communicate with your clients. FWIW, it was my favorite Zoom meeting of the pandemic. [read more]

Another Fundraiser

Janette Beckman and I shook more trees in March and our community offered to donate artworks, merchandise, and services, for another fundraiser for our fave local food charity, God's Love We Deliver. This non-sectarian organization came into being during the AIDS crisis in 1985 and ever since has been delivering healthy meals to New Yorkers too sick to shop and cook for themselves. [read more]